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 Official SkYLiNe Guild Topic

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Normal Player
Normal Player

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PostSubject: Official SkYLiNe Guild Topic   Mon Jan 03, 2011 1:15 pm

Hello, this is the official topic abut the guild SkYLiNe , here you can leave us any message about our guild, proposal for officer/prebyster, and if you want to join leave a message with your name.
We have trust in our members, so when maximus is offline, he let one of us to be leader and to take care of the guild !
We are the best guild from Magic World , we winned the war of course...
We are a fun and active guild.... every1 here is so funny Very Happy:D... we have fans between us and a lot of aother funny things... actually.. MaXiMuS is my fan.... Paranol too.... z0le is MaXiMus's fan......and other funny things Very Happy:D you'll see what I mean when you'll join our guild !

MaXiMuS <<<---Leader
S7YX <<<---Prebyster (sometimes leader)
MoNkZzZz <<<<---Prebyster (sometimes leader)
Zehbunekos <<<---Officer (sometimes leader)
z0le <<<----Officer (sometimes leader)
Paranol <<<---Officer
Antarus <<<---Officer (sometimes leader)
Leonidas <<<---Officer
DrPavlovic <<<---Officer
ReLaXBG <<<----Officer
marFAIRY <<<----MaXiMuS's lil' sis
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Normal Player
Normal Player

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PostSubject: hi   Tue Apr 26, 2011 1:26 pm

greetings i (4s4ssin) am intrested to join the guid im lvl 70 and some experience at real server
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Official SkYLiNe Guild Topic
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