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 The secrets of TOW and common knowledge.

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PostSubject: The secrets of TOW and common knowledge.   Tue Aug 07, 2012 6:00 am

The secrets of TOW and common knowledge.

You can enhance your weapon to level 99! ( Only 60-70 & 70-80 weapons ). How? > http://talismanofworld.editboard.com/t799-how-to-energy-ur-weapon-into-level-95-99

Hell flame demons are spawned in Boss events. Each boss you kill gives 100 point of Fire Dragon rep. (DC)

Auto events are 3 times daily at 11;53 AM, 15;00 PM & 00;11 AM game time. And the entrance is at the middle of stone city.
The auto events bosses gives 25 points of Wonderland rep each ( Dragons & ape ) so the full event gives +75 wonderland rep.

You can purchase magic stones in Stone city in Wonderland PVP shop to increase vit, int, dex or int points! The shop also sells Aura of five elements star which will give you a powerful buff for 168 hours.

You can use beads on your DS set! The whole DS set comes at DG state and allows you to use Sky blue magic beads to upgrade the stats! You can upgrade each part to platinum state from DG to SB to JG to Plat. You can check which state your item is by looking at the + X Physical Defense. A DG item will have +178 Physical Defense, A SB item will have +828 Psysical Defense. A JG item will have +1640 Physical Defense. A plat item will have 3265 Physical Defense

You can upgrade 50-60 PVP set,SSC set and the 60-70 set!
The 50-60 set is at golden state and you can use Elite magic bead to upgrade it. The 60-70 set is at Dark golden state and you can use Sky blue magic bead to upgrade it.

You can even upgrade your purple rings and amulets! The rings and amulets are at green state and you can use Blue magic bead to upgrade it and so on.
By upgrading your amulets will get extra defense or extra HP, Blue gives 1 % extra hp. golden gives 2 % extra hp. DG gives 3 % extra hp and so on, though notice you dont get HP % everytime. That only happens if your amulet gets 7 stats instead of 1.

By upgrading your rings you will get extra dodge, block or c.strike(1%), though notice its only possible to get one of the stats not them all. Upgrading it will give random stats.

You can get rid of unwanted gear & weapons by plussing them to +1 or above and use as a fortune item in a 2nd combine.

Its possible to get Purple assistants! You get purple assistants through the Fire dragon rep (DC). You can use platinum beads on your purple assistant to improve stats.

Good luck & have fun.  cheers
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The secrets of TOW and common knowledge.
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