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 Virus detected in client.

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PostSubject: Virus detected in client.   Thu Oct 18, 2012 8:05 am

Dear Player

There have recently been some issues with anti-virus programs like Avast detecting a virus in client.exe from the TOW client. We have been checking every client.exe we could find with version 1553 (server version) and they have all been positive for virusses (Including the official client.exe from official talisman which was made back in 2009). There is and have never been a virus in the file.

There is no virusses in the client, it is only a false detection.

There are no risk of getting any virusses from our client. But Avast will keep deleting the client.exe because it believes there is a virus(there is not). To avoid your client.exe to be deleted everytime you launch the game you should either disable Avast when you are launching the client or change your anti-virus program. (I suggest AVG since it is just as good and it doesnt detect false virusses)

Reason avast detects virus. When an anti-virus program runs a file it checks the file for any code that is familiar to malware, spyware, trojan, and other virusses. and from that it tells you if there is a virus but sometimes when it scans unfamiliar code as found in client.exe it gets a false positives and tells you there is a virus.

A: Turn off your anti-virus program temporarily before logging Talisman of World.
B: Add Talisman of World Client.exe and Patcher.exe program into the trusting list, unban the block on this client.
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Virus detected in client.
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