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 How to use Hexadecimal Color Coding

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PostSubject: How to use Hexadecimal Color Coding   Sun Nov 04, 2012 11:31 pm

Many people have been asking me how I make my chat so many different colors, so for any of you that don't know..here is a short tutorial, if any of you are still confused after reading this tutorial feel free to pm me in the game or here on forums.

Normally people would use codes such as #G #B #R #W #Y #K to make different colors in the game, but they are not limited to that.
To begin with, using a hexadecimal color code in place of those simple shortcuts, you need to use "#c" followed by the 6 digit code of your color.
#cFF0000 is red
#c00FF00 is green
#c0000FF is blue
#c000000 is black
#cFFFFFF is white

The color codes are limited to 0-9 and A-F, once you reach 99 the next closest brighter color would be 9A, or if you were trying to make the color darker and you were at AA, the next darker color would be A9, although I don't generally do that, if you look at my code that I use, you notice that I keep both letter/numbers of each of the basic colors the same. So instead of transferring from red to green like this: #cFF0000> #cFE0100, I do it like this #cFF0000> #cEE1100; this makes my code shorter, yet still looks good and it is simple.

I do my color coding simple, such as switching from red to blue to green, and this is the code I use to do it: (you can copy this code, and if you wish to use it, type anything you wish at the end of each line, you can paste it into the game using CTRL + V) (If you plan on making your own code using this knowledge, the letters in the 6 digit code do not have to be capitalized, but they can be if you want.)
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How to use Hexadecimal Color Coding
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