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 Update 1553049 & Server maintenance.

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PostSubject: Update 1553049 & Server maintenance.   Sat Jul 27, 2013 8:54 pm

New Update released with new following stuffs!

1 ) Fixed some bugs on v48 (HH,FP and Battle horse quest)
2 ) Binded all items given on event quests
3 ) Added 4 new Reputations with shops
4 ) Added a new shop where you can purchase meta wands
5 ) Added new items " Spawn Eggs ". There is 4 different eggs to spawn 4 different bosses at BPW
6 ) Removed SB, JG & PLAT Identify gems from TP shop and added on a shop " Identity Merchant "
7 ) Added new buffs for future old players. You can get the first buff after 1 year, if you do the quest daily (Pay 1k pills) the buff will add +10% HP
8 ) Added a world boss, the boss is located in Sky village at 35 593. The boss will respawn every 1 hour if killed.
9 ) Added a new NPC to help newbies level from 70 to 80. Located in Moon Dragon Village
10 ) Added new item " Server Rules Book " on new characters
11 ) Added new NPC to give Cow buff to all players located in Sky Village
12 ) Added 2 new tigers, Blue and purple on the TOW reseracher npc
13 ) Added new daily buff like those from MDV, on Loyal Master.

Thanks to Cake for Update.


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Update 1553049 & Server maintenance.
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