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 Payment Policy

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PostSubject: Payment Policy   Wed Aug 28, 2013 10:38 pm

------ Payment Policy --------

General terms:

(1.1) This Policy describes payment procedure for Talisman of World and game projects operated by wonderland.

(1.2) Fee-Based items and service are provided by wonderland in exchange of payments made by the User.

(1.3) All available payment methods are user-friendly, efficient, and completely secure. Once the User makes a payment through any payment method to his or her wonderland account, he or she shall be able to get Fee-Based items and service in Talisman of World game projects. There are no direct payments into in Game shops bypassing the User’s wonderland account.

(1.4) All Fee-Based items, Premium Account Service etc., are the Game Services by their nature. They are not delivered on physical carriers or in any material form. The only way how they can be provided is their provision within Game Process.

(1.5) General technical requirements applicable to the Services are relevant for the Fee-Based Services as well. Technical requirements for the User’s PC are stated in the relevant Agreement. If the User’s PC doesn't meet these requirements please do not order or “purchase” Fee-Based Services. Under these circumstances the Fee-Based Services are not subject to refund.

wonderland reserves the rights to:
- Change the Services, technical requirements for the User’s PC;
- Change fees, prices, payment methods and procedures;
- Change this Policy.
- Change of prices of Fee-Based Services does not mean that the User that has already paid for the Fee-Based Service is obliged to pay any difference in case where the price increases and is not entitled to claim any refunds in case where the price decreases.

(1.5) The User can find the information on Fee-Based Items and Services on wonderland sites at donate page.

(1.6) The indicated price in Donate shops is the same for all Users. The User is responsible for all fees in respect of the Internet connection, his or her computer and related communication equipment.

(1.7) User have any questions he or she may contact our support team at wpoint@wonderlandonlinegames.com.


(2.1) In cases of withdrawal from a relevant game agreement and termination of the agreement by the User within 7 days from enter into a relevant game agreement the User is entitled to get a refund for Services and item according to the following provisions:

--(2.1.1) No refund for the VIP account  if the term of VIP account is expired up to the moment of withdrawal / termination of the Agreement.

--(2.1.2) No refund for the item after 7 days from enter into the Agreement
The User hereby understand and agrees that no refunds for Fee-Based Services, item, packs after 7 days shall be made.

(2.2) Under the relevant game agreement the User is entitled to terminate the agreement at any time within or after 7 days from enter into the Agreement. If the User terminates the Agreement after 7 days from enter into the Agreement he or she is not entitled to get any refunds.

In exceptional cases wonderland may refund the User upon the User’s well-grounded request.

(2.3) Refunds shall be made upon the User’s request after termination of a relevant Agreement. The most preferable way to send such request is a email to support team.

(2.4) Refunds shall be made to the User’s account within 14 days from the day of receiving the User’s request. If the relevant Agreement is not terminated or there are no grounds for refunds wonderland is entitled to deny a refund.

(2.5) For avoidance of fraud in cases of payments, including but not limited to payments with bank cards or other payment means and foe investigation of these cases all payments may be verified by wonderland. In such case, the User at wonderland’s request shall provide a copy of his or her ID, payment documenting and a copy of his or her bank card on both sides (the card number shall be closed, except for the last 4 digits). In case of failure by the User to provide such documents (by fax or via e-mail as soft copies) within 3 days upon the request date or in case of any doubts as to their authenticity, Wonderland shall be entitled to suspend the User account.

(2.6) In case of any chargeback from payment system, Wonderland shall be entitled to suspend the User account.


Never Post your account password on forum and any other place for Protect your account from hacking activity.
Protect yourself from fake talisman of world website our website is wonderlandonlinegames.com.
Never Register Same account name and password to other servers and other websites.
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Payment Policy
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