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 Christmas Update 1553065

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PostSubject: Christmas Update 1553065   Sat Dec 13, 2014 10:00 pm

Christmas Update 1553065

Christmas is finally here, We would like to ensure all our players gets access to our new Christmas Update in time! The update (1553065) will be released now so we can prepare for Christmas ! Make sure you are active both in-game and on our forum as we will be making special forum events as well as other fun things.

The staff of TOW would like to wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New year.

Update notes:
- Added new sets for all classes.
- Reduced cooling time on SuperSkills from 5 Minutes to 2.5 Minutes.
- Increased speed by 20% on Colored Tigers.
- Fixed quest for Hero buffs.
- Lowered level requirement on Event Quests from 80 to 70.
- Lowered Currency needed for Tier buffs.
- Lowered amount of bosses needed to Summon Odin from 10 to 5.
- Change on Challenge quest, Now you need to kill the BPW Snakes, BPW Ape, BPW Hell Flame demon.
- Lowered Cost of Concentrate on Moros Shop from 100K to 20K.
- Nerfed BPW bosses. HP decreased by 50%, less DMG.
- Changed Drops on bosses in Darkness Valley.
- Added Wonderland Reputation on AC bosses.
- Added Fire Dragon Reputation on DC bosses.
- Reputation quests now give more Currency.
- Wonderland Reputation quest "Cave boss's killer" can now be done only once daily. It now gives more EXP and rep.
- Nine tails fox pet fixed.
- Newbie quest for HH quest is fixed.
- Newbie quest for FP quest is fixed.
- Bosses in DV now gives Special Wiz Reputation points.
- Bosses in DV gives more reputations points, increased by 25 to 75 pr boss.
- Hypnos now respawn every 1½ hours instead of every 3 hours.
- TOW HP,DEF,DMG,ABS pills now last 1H instead of 30 minutes.
- Fixed several item descriptions.
- Fixed Golden phoenix and fire phoenix pet, they now have icons.
- Scarlet and Mazarine Snake no longer spawn in Darkness Valley.
- All bosses from Darkness Valley now spawn in Dai's Field instead.. (x2 of each boss). They no longer spawn in Darkness Valley.
- New characters now start with New Item that will help guide them through the start of game.
- New NPCs added to get new Set.
- Decreased Bonus on Purple set for fairy to try lower damage slightly.

- Change Blood Place War time from 15:00 to 13:00 (2 hour earlier then current time).

If Player find any bug on current update please report bug report at support.wonderlandonlinegames.com

Game Management
Talisman of World Team


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Christmas Update 1553065
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