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 Problems after new patch

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PostSubject: Problems after new patch   Sun Jul 31, 2011 9:37 am

well,first gongratz for new patch. but i must say,even though it is a promosing one,it has a lot of fails to me. lets see why i am thinking with this way.

1- getting a new town is cool, but using same mobs just make it bigger? come on you can be more creative cant you? and in .Fire on earth server +80 mobs looks like dont drop anything and when i was control it with my 80 level alt mobs giving 30k exp with double exp pill. even world cave u can get far more and since we all know levelling 80-90 is this game's most boring part, i believe u need to up exp points we can get per mob in new village,other way it will be a pointless update..

2-DS items,wonderland rep,all cool. but here is the thing. for example, i paid 15 USD for get atis set. then after new patch,dang! my priceless atis sets all stats was changed. This is the one thing you CANT do. it was a donation item, you can create a new item better than it, which is totally understandable, but you CANT change stats what you SOLD. its like, you bought a t-shirt than a week later salesman comes and says, hey we got better t-shirt so we will cut yours arms and you must get that with this way. come on.. get the real atis armor back or i want my money back.

3-what is the point of removing def stones,since you already remove purple ssc items and obviously we cant get level 68 armor and belt from anywhere, people must use level 50+ items untill they got their CP items.. and for the gods sake, find a way to deleting these gold items..

4-i am sick and tired become red when we fight with wb's.. u need to fix it aswell.

5-fix the bpw flags hp,wars are already boring and it makes it even more boring if they down by 1 hit.

6-fix the TOW pills cooling down time aswell

7-we should be able to buy all kinds of weapons via wonderland rep, well i can understand if we can get only PvE items or PVP items but what is the point to
only can have PvE simitar or PVP sword? you should fix it aswell..

8-since new patch, sin's best skills stamina (FE: poison bash in a dagger sin) are raised and it made making any combo immpossible, may u want fix it aswell?

well i got plenty more but i believe these are most urgent ones.. i dont like to be pain in the ass but hey,someone must be bad one after all..

Best Regards,

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PostSubject: Re: Problems after new patch   Sun Jul 31, 2011 4:20 pm

He has a point.. admins please try to fix this so that all of us will be satisfied Smile.. Fix all of the bugs and the problems.
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Problems after new patch
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